Argo Aerospace designs and develops Operating System and Software Application for professional drones.

The project began in 2016 from an idea of a group of passionate Computer Science students of the University of Florence.

The team kept on looking foward to fund the idea and applied to University Campus “Incubatore” IUF and attended the seminars from September 2016 to June 2017 after that it continued the activity in the actual office in Prato.

From 2016 to 2018 the team participated to various national competition for innovative StartUP competitions achieving several awards:

1st classified in the 5th edition of Impresa Campus UNIFI 2016
• Inserimento nel novero dei 35 finalists del Premio Nazionale dall’Idea all’Impresa – Premio Gaetano Marzotto 2017.

The registered business was born in 2018 and after that started first collaborations.

In 2021 was established the Business Unit for the design and 3D printing of frames for custom and professional drones.



Generate value for society and collectivity.

We will pursue our objective in the diffusion of our real time operating system and framework with highly integrated technology for professional drones.

Economic benefits to the country through access to a booming market, training a new generation of highly skilled engineers and technicians, and creating a reliable high-tech supply chain.