IULM Innovation Lab 2018

ARGO AEROSPACE project candidate among the 4 finalists in the competitions organized by Fondazione Cottino - IULM Innovation Lab 2018 to access the Lean Startup & Open Innovation training as well as the acceleration program. (About 100 projects selected)


Premio Leonardo Start up 2017

ARGO AEROSPACE project included in the 10 finalist candidates of Leonardo Start up Award 2017, promoted by Leonardo Italian Quality Committee in agreement with the Ministry of Economic Development.

Friuli Innovazione

ARGO AEROSPACE project has been chosen in July 2017 by Friuli Innovazione for the coaching program offered as a partner of the "Premio dall'idea all'Impresa" | Gaetano Marzotto Award 2017.

Premio Gaetano Marzotto 2017

ARGO AEROSPACE project classified among the 35 finalists of the "Premio dall'idea all'Impresa" – Gaetano Marzotto Award 2017.

Federmanager Toscana

ARGO AEROSPACE project brought to light in March 2017 by «Federmanager Toscana» as a potential project that can be industrialized as an Innovative StartUP.

Impresa Campus UNIFI 2016

ARGO project 1st classified in the fifth edition of Impresa Campus UNIFI 2016, the training course of the University of Florence to spread the entrepreneurship culture to promote the birth of new companies among young university students. (23 projects selected)

Start Cup Toscana 2016

ARGO project classified among the 10 finalists in the "Start Cup Toscana 2016", a regional competition that rewards the best entrepreneurial initiatives with high technological content from international research. (Approximately 50 projects selected)

Boot Camp 2016

ARGO project classified among the 3 finalists in the "Boot Camp 2016" training course for the start of new entrepreneurial activities in the province of Prato organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Prato. (32 projects selected)